Arrangement Options

When your loved one dies you may feel overwhelmed with the number of decisions you are required to make within a short time frame.

One of the main decisions you’ll have to make will be whether to choose burial or cremation.

Burial Services:

A funeral service may include a day of visitation (2-4 & 7-9 pm), with a funeral service the following day in either the funeral home chapel, a church or place of worship. However, some families choose to have visitation 1-hour prior to the service instead of the day before. A casket is present for both visitation and service. If the casket is present, it is your choice whether to have it open for viewing or closed. Following the funeral service, we would proceed to the cemetery of your choosing for the burial (ground-interment) or the entombment (above ground outdoors or indoors in a mausoleum). Family or religious traditions are often a factor for choosing burial.

Virtual Funeral Services:

Our funeral home chapel is equipped to present live streams or virtual funeral services for your family and loved ones. Currently, upon the family’s permission, we offer past live streams of funeral services on our YouTube channel. Streamed services can occur at our funeral home.

While Virtual Funeral Services became a necessity due to provincial restrictions, they will remain an important part of our services when life returns to normal. With an aging population, many seniors find it difficult to travel or leave their homes and virtual funeral and memorial services allow them to participate and mourn their loved ones. Virtual services also allow for the use of captions, which is beneficial to those who are hard of hearing.

A casket or urn can be present, along with any flower arrangements for the live stream, or a memorial service can be held virtually at a later date.

Funeral details for a specific person can be found on our Services & Obituaries page.

Cremation Services:

Cremation is not an alternative to a funeral but is an alternative to burial and can increase your service options. It gives you the choice of having a body present during visitation and service with cremation following, meaning you can choose both a casket and an urn. It also allows you to have cremation first followed by a visitation or memorial service, meaning you can choose an urn that represents your loved one and use that as the focal point with a photograph.

You may have something at home that would work as an urn that reflects your loved one, such as a tool box, a tackle box or their favourite coffee can, please speak with your funeral director to see if this could be suitable. Cremation allows you the option to do multiple things with the ashes. You may choose to bury them in a cemetery plot, place them in an indoor or outdoor niche in a cemetery, scatter them on cemetery grounds or private property or simply keep them at home in an urn.

Please keep in mind that if wanting to scatter the ashes, though not illegal, it must be done in accordance with provincial and local laws and if on private property, you must have permission from the landowner. Cremation also allows for family members to keep some of the ashes with them, whether at home in a small keepsake urn or in a jewelry piece they can wear every day. With today’s technology, there are endless options.

Regardless of your choice of service, we always suggest for you to bring in some personal items and photos that describe and tell a story about your loved one that can be displayed during visitation, service or reception.